Love Bangeles

Valentine's mixtape!

Darrin Umboh
Darrin Umboh is co-founder of Leyp, a creative collective of illustrators and designers. Initially specializing in sneaker customizing, Darrin’s work now also includes interior and clothing design. His illustration style is character based, influenced by fashion, music and reading comics as a teenager. Darrin has worked for clients such as Adidas, Converse, Heineken and many many more.

What’s a good mixtape without some awesome matching artwork? For this edition of Love Bangeles we teamed up with some close family; Darrin Umboh from creative collective Leyp. He designed a fine piece of art that contains a lot of love but also some sleaze, at the same time. Let’s see what he has to say about the artwork and Valentine’s Day, and don’t forget to check out the ‘Love Bangeles’ Mixtape and handmade screenprints in our shop!

Can you tell us something about yourself?

The name is Darrin Umboh, trained as an illustrator at the Minerva School of Arts in Groningen. Next to this I’m creatively active in a lot of different areas; I think the most people know me as one of the three men behind the LEYP-collective, with whom I recently opened a store at the Hoogstraat in Rotterdam. We’ve got our own clothing line, next to a lot of other similar products. Since 2011 I’m also teaching illustration over at the Willem de Kooning School of Arts in Rotterdam.

You made the artwork for our Love Bangeles mix, what can we see in the artwork?

I wanted to break down the cliche-symbol for Valentine’s Day and also love; the heart. You guys told me that you wanted some sleazyness in the design, it’s referring back to that in the 69-position. 69 is also in my top five of most awesome numbers, so that’s how the design process kind of started. Sexy love in vector!

Tell us something about your ultimate Valentine’s Day-track.

That’s ‘Close to you’ by The Carpenters, for sure. It’s an ode to a loved one, plus Karen Carpenter just sings like an angel.

What’s the worst Valentine present you ever gave or got?

The crappiest gift I’ve ever gave, was nothing. I’m just not that romantic.

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  • Publish Date: 13.02.13
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    • love mix
  • Artwork by Darrin Umboh.
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